Granite Charcoal Donut Bed

DogMania Pet Beds are “Made in the USA”. These overstuffed, deep circular beds are recommended for dogs who like to burrow or curl. The raised outer bolster provides a sense of security as well as a place for your pet to rest their head. Bolstered sides and center pillow unzip for easy washing; just zip off the covers and machine wash and dry on a cool temperature. This bed is overstuffed with Hypoallergenic ECO friendly fiberfill. Our beds are available in a variety of sizes and fabric options to suit the needs of any dog and fit right in with your home decor. Like all DogMania dog beds it is stylish, functional and quality driven for years of comfort.


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  • Variant: Small
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  • Product Type: Donut
  • Brand: DogMania
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Size Guide & Shipping

Outer Bolster Measurement: 24" x 18" x 7"
Inner Cushion Measurement: 17" x 11"
Fits: Dogs up to 15lbs.
Sleeping Habit: Stretch, Curl, or Lean

Outer Bolster Measurement: 32" x 27" x 10"
Inner Cushion Measurement: 24" x 18"
Fits: Dogs up to 45lbs.
Sleeping Habit: Stretch, Curl, or Lean

Outer Bolster Measurement: 39" x 32" x 10"
Inner Cushion Measurement: 29" x 23"
Fits: Dogs up to 75lbs.
Sleeping Habit: Stretch, Curl, or Lean

How will the bed ship?
To reduce the shipping cost for dog beds we compress the fiber inserts. When your bed arrives carefully open the compressed item and zip the inserts into the cover.